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Starting nursery - the settling in process

Before your child joins the nursery we have what's known as a settling in period, when you and your child can come into the nursery and stay for a while together in order to get to know us, the other children and our typical daily nursery routine etc.  It is important that your child has spent some time in the nursery before the actual starting day.  We like to get to know you as a family better and understand your home routine as this helps us understand what your child is used to at home and will help us settle you all in more easily. You'll get to know your keyworker, meet some of the other children and meet other staff who work here.  The purpose of this settling in process is that when your child properly starts nursery both you and they will feel familiar with the environment and us which will put your little one much more at ease.  As the child's parent or carer you know what to expect when you bring your child in and you will know what you need to bring to nursery with you each day. Your child will feel like nursery is a familiar place and will happily join in and feel quite settled and confident within their new environment when you leave.


We normally have 3 settling -in sessions each lasting about an hour.

First visit : with parents.

For the first visit parents should stay with their child for an hour and talk to the staff about routines and anything else they want to share with us or ask us about.  While there you will spend some time with your key worker and together you can encourage your child to play and explore and get used to the room and meet the other children and staff in the room. Both parent and child will then leave together.


Second visit : with parents for a while, parents leave child for part of the time.

If your child is confident and relaxed we will encourage you to leave for about half an hour but if you wish to stay that is fine too.


Third visit: Parents drop off their child and leave for the full hour.

If both parent and child are happy after this third visit we recommend that the child comes to nursery and is dropped off for a full normal session on their next visit. Some children may need more or less visits and we will alter this program dependent on your child’s individual needs. We will only commence full nursery care when you are happy to do so.

These visits help to build a relationship between our staff and parents and allow your child to begin to settle and form trusting relationships with staff and in particular their keyworker. 


On their first day:

Parents may want to stay a while to see that their child is happy and settled or may prefer to leave soon after saying goodbye to their child. Parents are invited to phone at any point during the day to check that all is well. 


Moving room in the nursery

Children moving up to a new room (e.g. babies to toddlers) will be gradually introduced to their new room. Children tend to be really excited about moving up into a group of older children. We give them a number of short “visits” to their new room to allow them to get used to the new environment. We allocate a new key worker in the new room and during these visits the child will have plenty of opportunity to get to know their new key worker. We won’t move a child up until they are ready, equally if a child is mature for their age and ready to move up early we will do so if possible.

 Each child has a Profile which records their learning and development and this will be passed on to the new key worker when the child moves room so there is a continuous record of your child’s progress.

 Please note : Any children with medical conditions or allergies must have a meeting with the manager and complete the Allergy/Medical Condition Management Form before their first full session to ensure we are fully briefed on the condition and special requirements. This will be repeated each time they move into a new room.


 Comforters & toys from home

Sadly we cannot allow children to bring their own toys to nursery as it frequently leads to conflict and we don’t want anything special to the child to get lost or broken.

 Children may bring a “comforter” to nursery for sleep times etc. We will keep these in your child’s bag or basket during normal play times.   Please try to ensure comforters are not very large. If possible we recommend you buy 2 of your child’s favourite comforter to always have one spare and so one can be in the wash.