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how we organise the baby room

Our baby room takes children from birth up to about 24 months. When you first come to the baby room we'll ask you to take off your shoes to help keep the floor clean and hygienic. We have an area in the baby room set up for very small babies who are not yet mobile with comfy cushions, accessible toys and "treasure baskets" for small babies to explore and a black and white area specially designed for very young babies as these are the first colours they process. As your baby grows we introduce opportunities to crawl around and then progress to cruising around the furniture. Once your baby finds their feet they we have things like wheeled toys to help steady them as they develop their walking skills.

We have a quiet cot area where each baby has their own set of bedding which is frequently washed. We also have a “messy area” with a special low table and chairs and some high chairs. This area is for mealtimes and doing messy play like squeezing fingers through jelly, babies love tactile play and activities like painting and early mark making.

staff in the baby room

1 member of the team looks after a maximum of 3 babies at any one time. During the settling in process we offer your baby lots of opportunities to choose which member of our baby team they feel a natural bond with and then we allocate this person to be their “key person”. This team member will settle your little one into nursery and care for their individual needs such as eating and sleeping. The key person creates a special bond with your child to ensure they are happy and make the most of their time at the nursery.

routine in the baby room

We understand all parents have their own routines at home for their baby, so we fit in with your baby’s sleep and feeds routine and ensure they have all the naps and cuddles they need during the day as well as lots of positive stimulation when your baby wants it.


If you wish for your baby to have any bottles of formula or expressed milk, just tell us when you would like your baby to have them. When feeding babies we will cuddle them just like you would at home.

The nursery has a professional cook who prepares freshly cooked, healthy meals, every day. Our cook purees the food to suit your baby’s needs at each stage of development.

The staff will support you through the weaning process until your child is able to have our full menu. Our babies are gently encouraged to progress when they are ready from pureed solids to more chunky food as well as exploring and getting used to eating finger foods on their own. This can be a messy business sometimes, but the babies really enjoy their early independence and we want to encourage that. We offer all our babies the opportunity to progress from bottle to beaker as soon as they are ready and provide the beakers in the nursery for all children.

personal care & hygiene

Nappies, creams and wipes are provided by us and we will change your baby as and when it’s necessary on a hygienically clean changing mat which is wiped down after each use. Only DBS checked staff who are well known to us are permitted to change nappies. Staff wear latex gloves and change them for each child.

Your baby will have their own flannel for face wiping which is washed after each use, their own bedding and beaker, and eating and drinking equipment is all sterilised for babies up to 1 year old.